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Respiratory Medicine

CONTACT NAME:                 CONTACT NO:
Dr Maire Nolan                     021 4343731 Ext 2468
Mr Brian Whooley                 021 4542807 Ext 2199
Ms Helen Healy                    021 4542807 Ext 1663
Bleep 188           
The Respiratory Medicine Department diagnoses and treats the following conditions. Airways Disease  • Asthma • Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease (cigarette related disease).

Lung cancer
Diagnosis and staging- Xray/Bronchoscopy/Mediastinoscopy.
(i) Surgical resection (Mr Whooley)
(ii) Chemotherapy (Dr Mullins)

Other lung conditions
• Sarcoidosis • Pulmonary Fibrosis • Pneumonia • Tuberculosis

The department provides a comprehensive range of tests and investigations including: Radiology, X-Rays, CAT scanning.
For further information please download PDF.