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APPOINTMENTS/QUERIES:        TEL:  01 806 5479     FAX: 01 806 5480

The Respiratory Laboratory is a rapidly growing department providing an efficient respiratory testing service to inpatients, outpatients, referrals from General Practice and from other hospitals. The Laboratory possesses state-of-the-art equipment with procedures being continually updated to reflect the latest in testing standards.

The Laboratory offers standard and specialised testing for indications such as:

  • Evaluation and follow-up of respiratory symptoms and disease
  • Assessing impairement and/or disability
  • Quantifying the severity of known lung disease
  • Assessing the potential effects or response to environmental or occupational exposure
  • Evaluation of sleep disordered breathing

Sleep studies


Our sleep study service is conducted through the Respiratory Department.

Introduced as a limited service in 2007, the department can now provide full diagnostic testing to evaluate respiratory sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnoea and has a treatment initiation/follow up service in place to assist in the treatment of these disorders. All studies are conducted within the hospital (on an inpatient basis) and are non-invasive.


Referrals are accepted from Respiratory / Sleep Consultants only, these referrals are prioritised and placed on a waiting list.


Further information: Sleep lab             Tel: 01 806 5429


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