ࡱ> 02/%`  bjbj . M#J"""""""$$h&"]]]"#] "]"   zKg" "#0M# ,'' ' >&,R$v""@M#]]]] INFORMATION FOR HIP IMPLANT PATIENTS DePuy Orthopaedic has issued a recall of patients who had a particular hip device inserted. If you have had this hip replacement product, it does not necessarily mean you will have complications or problems. Patients who have had this device inserted will be contacted for a comprehensive review by their Consultant Surgeon. A very small number of patients who had hip replacement in BSH Tralee will be recalled for the review by their Consultant Surgeon This device was used for some patients who had a hip replacement between August 2007 and June 2010 (If your surgery was outside these dates, you do NOT have this device and therefore you will not be recalled.) Within the next week your Orthopaedic Surgeon will make contact with patients that have had this device inserted and arrange review dates and follow up. For further enquiries telephone Bon Secours Hospital Tralee : 066 7149821 %n o > F ] p R s t žhk,h.hF5 *h.hF5 *h.h.5 *h.5h.hS<hF5h=A"hF5>*hTP h&jhFh&jhF5 hF5hFh hF5%&o p Z [ \ r s ^gdF $h^ha$gdFh^hgdF & FgdFgdF2$$d%d&d'd-DM NOPQa$gd. s gdF,1h. A!"#$% @@@ FNormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH DAD Default Paragraph FontRiR  Table Normal4 l4a (k@(No List%&opZ[\rs00000000 00 00000000000000 s   jkF!l"!m=*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags PlaceName=*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags PlaceType9*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsplace Y3&Y>YqGJ`Bh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hHGJ`         K6<0k*BGH#9AEG$Jr{edq75Zhqt3y9qUC^VdEeu>~F AJe:&>WmqmL  ^= ZS ]s t U . 8 gR `e E} , <7 R ] a    k [ j wl u u   Z 1 A; u> p i&Fa.2dJhSK3MOs}_~8'F3T)7kr 015nMOaw @@|GmOMld^'[7N;Pmy2z$-Y RyYI^mnqt-U2]<Datglyn} {-/\:KlIs144/KVae;k;rMQQmwy.FGo~h"$I//?CCR$%=&\*+IZ ^FTqUf] 0 L0 cY G` = !$!6!9!E! K!U!I"["#Q#=#[U#x#$($j@$G$K$F^$ %n"%*%3%=%c%qw%z% &8&~&Z&#(&P+&`&Bb&o&s&'#'w#'`!("(6(:(mo(Ht({(l)-)F)I)VK)%P)S)c)%n)*AN*Or*.++02+@+j+r+ ,k,T,*,+,5, 9,*<,c,--%-/e- .i(.).-.7.h.x.y.{.~1/J8/C/X/X/0^0j0ul0o0U*191L1Y1i1m1up1r1<2|Z2a233|$3?(3:3H3p3~34B4Q45Z@56h66<76-a6!h6k6>y67"717d7m70~7E7588c8h9+:FM:8X:{:;F ;1;.;*>;D;F;S;AW;`;^c;u;U <k<*<L<qO<^<q<M=H[=x=>> > 3>wJ>z> ??2?t`?@@Y@Y@`@j@k@m@6n@A)A?QA\A|A/Bd,BD`BaBotBmCwCv=C4WC D|)DE9?EEOE@tE F0F5F:Fy GGb*G{GAH`H@cHqHVI IEII?$IZ+IW1I3I@IQIWI !J=J^IJ hJ|J}JK@KMLKsgK Lz LE"L:L=LMLPLuLwLxL MM"&MbbM~vM dNeN&OOOcO;pOPTP?&P@PHP@dPmP^sP`uPQ Q Qy Q3Q7SQZQeQ'fQsQR?0RXORwR]xR S S.$SPMSL|SWTb*T uTUU9UFUMU?ZU@V#V$V+=VGVtXV~VW)XKX#X]X$XV8XFQX7YYYBYX,Y3YWYxYzYZZ)Z2;Z.SZkZklZ['[[[+*[//[A[V[u[[\[x[s\G\e\U\*]A:]<]N]\]^^TC^tX^q^q^ _K$_`\n`~{`6|`7aj_aua,!bEbnMb9bc +cxcddpd;.dKdOdPd:fdide^e=eMCeUe0ieKfeflfg;gqPqrv r-r#CrMr2OrXrvrAssk$s}/s7s@systt&*t2tvtvtLuPuuu&u5uQ^1A#)c8 6hn9 5/]ms(L]mC0FTZ`gUjvlseDG.J)iV YErw!8RW11Ow_.+6L\aayyL0M!XYr3!9>;W3Ww} 8(<X\ot|)vi g$?HeN jt%an>q,WFt'(f.f(h]v R0?FL1+|Y'@lM8Q]tC ]@(K0nxd B+.=qu/9eqO}w /1Q\VUtP;<'>EpcxiAD!]>"?4 O.EMdeGj06:;_qci0{5 CN|NBHEbWUXuq"3<wIb"}Wy\> >ZZ\" $':>OYZximp# -:Rw1|~~(m*0@EO_m1y0;LUX91>SF^hm?ty+ ^T?qv=A Lfyk-C[@  ^2\_!ltCoRr'4R7+-7o:A= X{c| 4TmYt m5n9/G5V:fy:]?y~i)FKO\ y-5H=DXa$sN\'<=9Ptbv~/ \?r@FJD 5$ O-W\iA4;1EJGYOeAu}Q,^Vh[et5EF%.I6I>mEMfU )*.E]a1cp{B^0RP $FbGLYKs QJc l) C\kb[J%ER-4Oe--<]f8j?|" ^?FDQ)XuNJ(5?G7 Cq'}BDiz%35g?$#OLF\p6"+{79No` k7 =XOQVvx \.5g3Ujnx{ZqaA &,EFgTw8F  (189 L^ _/BgIN_<} ~>y abe"e%d.4hj% /:.J;aXsc2QtA6&]t9\w4`<!BmcZg":7.8:eo&Nj oo'N\ $<I=I8j@IS njnr%5~<=(M j<o'pCb N)8xAOl_jk|*j]|T%.NziqHCjoz, ;i 7<?HNs+,IM} #,;Heo +r5;< <A^w{f#AoPnt(,8vVrz;ko{,o;CPUhyfzT(9<Y{  (q9nr +I4:cFX^^mydOy{@>>>>@@UnknownSz Times New RomanTimes5Symbol?& z ArialArial?5 z Courier New;Wingdings"h&,33!42QHX ?F$INFORMATION FOR HIP IMPLANT PATIENTSfgrimeskjordan Oh+'0  ( H T `lt|(INFORMATION FOR HIP IMPLANT PATIENTSfgrimesNormalkjordan3Microsoft Office Word@%@i"H@ҢzK3՜.+,D՜.+,X hp   Bon Secours' %INFORMATION FOR HIP IMPLANT PATIENTS TitlehH$D\_AdHocReviewCycleID_NewReviewCycle_EmailSubject _AuthorEmail_AuthorEmailDisplayName_ReviewingToolsShownOnce["Item for Web sitefgrimes@bonsecours.ieFearghal Grimes  !"#$%&()*+,-.1Root Entry FК̼zK31Table 'WordDocument.SummaryInformation(DocumentSummaryInformation8'CompObjq  FMicrosoft Office Word Document MSWordDocWord.Document.89q