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Convalescent Care

Following treatment in a hospital it is often necessary to spend a further period recovering. This is particularly so following surgery, major illnesses and accidents. When this recovery period requires ongoing medical monitoring or treatment it is best provided at a custom built facility.

If you require admission our facilities include round the clock on call nursing care and treatments appropriate to your condition. We will liaise with your GP or Consultant to ensure that your medication, physiotherapy and medical care are optimised.

Our private single en suite rooms are fully equipped to allow you to deal with any mobility problems you may have following your illness. With diet forming an essential element of the recovery process we have our own chef’s on site to provide menus customised to your specific needs.

To find out more please ring, write or e-mail Mimi Cosgrave at021 4541566 or Bon Secours Care Village, Mount Desert, Lee Road, Cork.

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