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Departments: Physiotherapy

Our team of 12 highly skilled Chartered Physiotherapists provide treatment for a broad range of conditions in our excellent and modern facilities.

Making an Appointment
Referral from a doctor in not necessary - just phone 021-4801630 to make an appointment, this service is available to both outpatients and inpatients. We endeavour to offer an appointment within 48 hours.

Conditions Treated:
Back Pain  |  Neck Pain  |  Musculoskeletal Conditions  |  Sports Injuries  |  Paediatric Conditions  |  Foot Problems (including orthotics)  |  Orthopaedic Rehabilitation  |  General Loss of Fitness

Women’s Health:
Ante-Natal Care  |   Post-Natal Care  |  Gynaecological Care  |  Incontinence: female and male

Back Pain: This is a common problem with a wide range of causes from acute injury as a result of lifting awkwardly to chronic conditions such as arthritis or degenerative problems. On your first visit you will be fully assessed and commenced on a personally tailored treatment programme designed to reduce your symptoms and help to facilitate you return to fitness. In some cases your treatment may conclude with a back care and education class.

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