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Departments: Physiotherapy

Neck Pain: This may occur following a whiplash injury or as a result of other conditions such as arthritis or degenerative changes. In some cases it can be caused by spending prolonged periods in poor postural positions whilst working. Full assessment of your problem will take place and the appropriate treatment and advice will be provided.

Musculoskeletal Conditions: Our team of experienced Chartered Physiotherapists can offer treatment to those who are complaining of rheumatological conditions, general joint problems and those who have sustained injuries to muscles or joints.

Sports Injuries: Having a specialist sports physiotherapist on our team, we are in a position to offer a unique service which caters for the needs of the individual patient, comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehab of all sporting injuries.

Musculoskel Paediatric Conditions: Including those that may be present at birth such as talipes or torticollis, or following an injury eg. sprained ankle.

Foot Problems: Such as heel pain, plantar fasiitis, flat fleet- your physiotherapist will treat these problems and perform a biomechanical assessment and casting for othotics and corrective footwear if required.

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