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Departments: Physiotherapy

Post-Natal Care: Post-Natal Classes are held in the hospital 3 times weekly by a Chartered Physiotherapist. These include a gentle session and advice on back care and the gradual return to full activities and fitness.

If you have on-going back or pelvic pain or problems with involuntary leaking of urine you Physiotherapist will be able to offer treatment and advice for this.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation: Following any orthopaedic surgery such as joint replacement or having sustained a bone fracture or other injury, the Physiotherapist, will give advice on exercise, activity levels and assist your return to fitness.

General Loss of Fitness: Exercise prescription. Advice on return to full activity following injury or illness.

Treatment Available:
Assessment and Advice  |  Manual Therapy  |  Personalized Exercise Programmes
  |  Laser  |  Electrotherapy  |  Cervical and Lumbar Traction  |  Neuromuscular Therapy  |  Heat and Cold Therapy

Facilities: Large, modern, well equipped treatment area, 2 rehabilitation gyms and individual treatment rooms if required for quiet and privacy.

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