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Departments: Physiotherapy

Women’s Health
Ante-Natal Care
: Classes are given by the Physiotherapy Department in conjunction with the Midwife. Information on these are available through maternity bookings at (021) 4801609
While some mild back or pelvic joint pain is common during pregnancy, in some cases it can create significant discomfort and limit your movement and activities. Assessment and treatment of the problem will include posture re-education, muscle strengthening and the fitting of an appropriate support. This can provide relief and minimise discomfort.

Gynaecological Care: Following certain gynaecological procedures your Physiotherapist will provide advice on positions of comfort and gentle exercise. As you recover from surgery your Physiotherapist will advise you on appropriate exercise to facilitate your return to full fitness.
Incontinence: Incontinence of urine or faeces are problems that can be experienced by both men and women. These problems may be due to or made worse by weakness of the pelvic floor muscles. The symptoms described below may be experienced,
Stress Incontinence: this results in leaking of urine during coughing, sneezing or laughing.
Urge Incontinence: this results in leaking of urine before person manages to get to the bathroom.
Frequency: very frequent visits to the bathroom with leaking in come cases.

Following full assessment by a Specialist Physiotherapist a treatment programme will be devised for you to help alleviate these problems.

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