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Departments: Respiratory Medicine

Allergy Test:
A laboratory blood test, detects allergies to house dust mite, pollen, food, wasps or bees and so on.

A video examination of lungs used to diagnose lung tumours and other respiratory disease.

Along with a comprehensive Physiotherapy service the department also provides advice on:
• Smoking Cessation For Inpatients. •  Inhaler Technique  •   Asthma Management 
• Correct Use Of Peak Flow Meter.

Making an Appointment
It is essential that your General Practitioner refer you to this department.

Contact Information
Dr Maire Nolan 021 4343731 Ext 2468
Mr Brian Whooley 021 4542807 Ext 2199
Ms Helen Healy 021 4542807 Ext 1663 Bleep 188


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