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Centre of Nurse Education

To promote and develop high quality in-service and continuing professional development for inter-and multidisciplinary health care staff, enhancing the provision of evidence-based care to patients in accordance with best practice and the mission and values of Bon Secours Hospital and Health System

Staff in the Centre of Nurse Education are committed to providing excellence in education and training based upon their substantial experience and expertise in many areas of clinical nursing and midwifery practice.

The significance of providing on-going professional education and training for staff in health care ensures that nurses and midwives are accountable for the delivery of high quality care to patients and relatives. Registered practitioners are facilitated to meet their professional obligation thus maintaining their fitness to practice, promoting the best interests of patients at all times.

Our postgraduate education and training programmes combine theoretical and practical aspects. Participants are provided with research based information and an opportunity to reflect and apply theory to practice. The education strategies implemented are person centred and foster an openness to change and a commitment to life-long learning, in an effort to ensure excellence in nursing and midwifery practice.

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