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Department of Nursing / Midwifery

The Bon Secours Hospital, Cork, has played a leading role in the delivery of acute healthcare since 1915. Nursing and Midwifery care in Bon Secours Hospital has developed to meet the ever changing healthcare needs of the population. Bon Secours Community, which is composed of patients, staff, students, and Sisters is committed to providing the highest standards of professional and midwifery care to patients and their families in all wards and departments throughout the hospital.

Our Mission
The mission of the Department of Nursing Bon Secours Hospital is to recruit quality professionals (nurses and midwives) for entry into a variety of specialist, clinical practice settings. The hospital promotes evidence based practice which is in accordance with the mission and values of Bon Secours. The patient is the central focus and professional caring in Bon Secours is characterised by love, compassion, respect and empathy. Each registered nurse and midwife, in her/his professional practice, demonstrates competence and strives to preserve the dignity and uniqueness of each individual person. Nursing and Midwifery care in Bon Secours aims to develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient that is based on trust, understanding and empathy and serves to empower both patient and staff.

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