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Support Services: Occupational Health

The O.H.D. provides an on-site service at Bon Secours Cork. We provide an independent and confidential service to staff regarding all aspects of health/problems caused or exacerbated by work, and also to provide first aid treatment to all employees who sustain injuries at work.

Benefits of the Occupational Health Department:
Improved staff morale
Reduced health risks
More effective treatment of injuries/illness caused by work
Rehabilitation and early return to work.

Services include:
Immunisation of staff e.g. Hepatitis B
Pre-employment medical
Absenteeism management
Accident treatment and follow-up
Accidents notification to the Health and Safety Authority
Work-site visits
Post blood/bodily fluid exposure follow up
Exposure to infectious diseases follow-up
Counselling and critical incident stress debriefing
Health Surveillance
Biological monitoring
Safer handling training

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