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Diagnostic Imaging Centre

What makes us different?
The Diagnostic Imaging Centre in the Bon Secours, Glasnevin, provides a service which features:

  • No waiting list
    The outpatient walk-in plain film radiography service is available from 9:30 - 15:30. Outpatients will be immediately accepted (dependent upon examination preparation) when referred by their G.P. An appointment system operates in respect of certain procedures.
    Full details are available from the Diagnostic Imaging Centre.

  • Same day reporting

  • “One-stop-shop” approach
    i.e. all radiological investigations can be performed during a single visit (examination preparation permitting). This could comprise plain films, ultrasound, intravenous urography and barium/CT studies.

Direct Line
To facilitate you, the Diagnostic Imaging Centre has a direct phone line 01-806 5316, fax line 01-836 8456 and answering machine for messages outside normal working hours.

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