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Patient Information: Financial

Bon Secours hospital is a non-profit making organisation. It receives no government funding and relies on payment from clients in order to continue to provide high quality care.

1. Patients with Insurance Cover
Before admission please check that your policy covers you for the treatment that you need. The patient is liable for all charges not covered by their insurance company.

The hospital is a fully participating Hospital with VHI health care and BUPA Ireland and operates a direct settlement system with both organisations. [NOTE: Some private healthcare insurance plans have Excess Conditions which may require a supplementary payment by the subscriber. Please check with your Insurer).

On admission please bring details of your insurance cover, including your membership number and insurance plan.

  ESB Medical Provident Fund, Garda Medical Aid, Prison Officers Association
The hospital also operates a direct payment scheme with these organisations. Please submit the hospital invoice to your insurance company upon receipt.

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