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The nurse specialist areas are as follows:
Infection Control Specialist – Aims to identify and reduce risks of acquiring and transmitting infections among patients, staff and visitors within the hospital. The Infection Control Committee strives to continually improve standards by issuing policies and guidelines which are designed to embrace the needs of patient and healthcare staff at all times.

Oncology Specialist – Provides holistic care to the Oncology patient and his/her family in a relaxed and calm environment.
Diabetes Specialist – Provides structured education and support to people with Diabetes and also their families
Haemovigilance Specialist – Aims to ensure that patients requiring blood and/or blood products receive their transfusion as safely and effectively as possible.
Clinical Practice Development Specialist
– Acts as a support to the Nursing Department to ensure quality service through research, monitoring, recommendation and implementation of Best Practice as appropriate.
Clinical Nurse Specialists will consult with patients as appropriate.

Access to Nursing Services
Director of Nursing or senior nursing personnel are on duty 24 hours a day.

Contact Nursing Services:

If you have any enquiries please speak to the attending nurse
or the nurse in charge of your ward.
The Nursing Department is also contactable by a Bleep system.
Telephone 01-8375111

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