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Support Services: Blood Transfusion

The multidisciplinary team of medical scientists, nurses, phlebotomists and doctors ensure that correct blood transfusion procedures are followed. This in turn means that the optimum quality of care is given to you, the patient. You can help this process by wearing your identification wristband and ensuring that the information on it is correct.

Possible Reactions to Blood Transfusion
In accordance with hospital policy, nursing staff carefully monitor all patients receiving blood transfusions. During this time you are not permitted to leave the ward in the interest of your safety. Inform nursing or medical staff if you feel unwell or experience fever, itch or chills before, during or after your transfusion. If such a reaction occurs, your nurse will stop the transfusion and call a doctor. Your symptoms will be investigated and treated. The transfusion may be recommenced pending these investigations.

Some months after a transfusion, a very small percentage of people may develop antibodies to minor blood groups in the donor blood. These antibodies will not make the person ill. In the future if a blood transfusion is required, compatible blood will be available.

Blood Donation
Please encourage your healthy relatives and friends to become blood donors by contacting the IBTS at 01-4322800 for times and location of your nearest mobile donor clinic

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