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Support Services: Blood Transfusion

Autologous Donation
Fit patients undergoing specified planned surgery may be able to donate their own blood a number of weeks prior to surgery. This can then be given back to them during or after surgery if needed. This is called an autologous donation. Arrangements can be made to provide this facility to through your Consultant and the IBTS. If more blood is needed, you may have to receive volunteer donor blood along with your own.

Directed Donation
When relatives or friends donate blood for a patient it is called directed donation. This facility is not available in Ireland or in most European countries. Research has shown that carefully selected volunteer donations are safer than directed donations.

Further Information
If you have any concerns or questions in relation to blood transfusions ask your Clinical Nurse Manager to contact the Haemovigilance Officer, who is available to give you the information you need. Alternatively, speak to your nurse or doctor.

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