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Support Services: Catering

Catering in the Bon Secours Hospital is carried out by in-house catering staff.

The department consists of the following areas:

  • Main Kitchen
  • Ward Kitchens
  • Restaurant

The Support Services/Catering Department Food, Safety and Hygiene Policy states “Management and Catering Staff of the Bon Secours Hospital have the responsibility to perform all their tasks in a hygienic manner, so that the safety, soundness and wholesomeness of the food they produce is not put at risk. Staff shall receive an introduction to in-house training and follow up hygiene training to ensure the principles of food safety hazard analysis (HACCP) as implemented in our Catering Department can be maintained safely.”[February 2001]

Main Kitchen
Hospital meals are prepared in the main kitchen. The Head Chef, in liaison with the Dietitian, devises a well-balanced nutritional menu. Specialized dietary requirements are catered for including diabetic, coeliac, and weight-reducing diets.

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