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Support Services: Pharmacy

Patients for Admission are required to bring the following:
1. All medicines, in separate containers and clearly labelled with full instructions.
2. A printout from your local pharmacy of all of your current medication, whether prescribed or bought over the counter.
3. Your Drug Payments Scheme card.
4. An acceptable method of payment; either cash, Visa, Mastercard, Laser or a cheque book with a banker’s card.

VHI and BUPA will not pay for any drugs you take home with you.These four things will ensure you use familiar brands and avoid any break in your treatment.

General Advice on Medicine
Take your medicine exactly as directed. Do not stop taking essential medicine without contacting your doctor. Try not to miss a dose but if you do, then seek advice. Always finish the full course of prescribed antibiotic even if your symptoms go away.

Many products bought over the counter contain Paracetamol. Lemsip and Solpadeine are just two examples. Do not take both of them at the same time. It’s dangerous. If you’re in any doubt, ask the Pharmacy staff.

Regularly check your medicines to see if they have gone past their expiry date. If they have, return them to your pharmacy for safe disposal.

Some preparations have a limited shelf life once opened. Oral liquids, like cough medicines, should be discarded four weeks after opening. Check all packs for special storage requirements. Some medicines should be stored in a fridge below 8°C.

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