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Support Services: Pharmacy

Please keep all medicines out of the reach of children. This applies to iron preparations,and particularly to medicines containing paracetamol, as they cause the most fatalities. Don’t place too much reliance on so-called childproof closures.

At any time you may have a symptom as a result of a drug you are taking. You may get side-effects from a familiar drug you have been taking for a long time or from a newly prescribed drug. It may be a prescribed drug or purchased over the counter in a pharmacy, supermarket or on the Internet. Please inform us immediately. Apart from drugs, many things can cause side effects, including vitamins and minerals, herbal and complementary medicines, dental or contact lens preparations, biological detergents, cosmetics, dairy produce, latex, plasters, gluten, flavouring or food colouring agents and preservatives.

Outpatient and Staff Dispensing

We welcome prescriptions from outpatients and make every effort to fill prescriptionswhile you wait. If you bring a Drug Payments Scheme card, you will only have to pay the Department of Health limit per month for eligible prescribed medicine. Tax relief can then be claimed on this payment using a MED1 form, available on the Internet.

Description of Facility & Services
We stock a full range of skin products by La Roche Posay, SkinCeuticals and NeoStrata. We serve outpatients and we are happy to supply any of the above by mail order. We label them appropriately with directions, which have been carefully worked out with Irish consultants and the relevant companies. Internet enquiries directed to SkinCeuticals from Ireland are referred to us.

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