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ICU & Coronary Care

The Intensive Care/Coronary Care Unit is a five bedded unit which caters for surgical patients, medical emergencies and cardiac patients.

Under the supervision of the Consultant Physicians, Consultant Anaesthetists and ICU nurses this department provides highly skilled diagnosis and care of acutely ill patients.

Coronary Care

The purpose of the Coronary Care department is to investigate heart disease. We have a variety of painless, non-surgical procedures for doing this:

  • E.C.G. (Electrocardiogram)
    An E.C.G. is a recording of the electrical activity of your heart and is taken while you are resting. For this procedure, self-adhesive pads are attached to your arms, legs, and chest. The recording takes less than a minute.

  • Stress Test (Exercise Test)
    As the E.C.G. is only a basic test, it may not provide enough information for a definite diagnosis. In that case, the Stress Test, recorded while you walk on a treadmill, may be necessary. Here the exercise starts slowly and the speed and slope are gradually increased. Your heart rate and symptoms are recorded during and after the exercise.

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