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Nursing Department

The Nursing Department at Tralee Bon Secours strides to provides a comprehensive nursing service across the range of general and acute medicine. This service is delivered with professionalism, commitment and compassion by a team of experienced and dedicated staff. Nursing care of the highest standard and quality is provided in a manner that is patient centered and tailored to individual patient needs whilst also accommodating the participation and support of the patient and their family.

This nursing care is underpinned by the Values and Ethos of the Bon Secours as enshrined in its Mission statement. This ensures that all staff work together as a nursing team to consistently deliver a superior level of care and within a safe and inclusive environment. The nursing team is led and directed by the Director of Nursing, Assistant Directors of Nursing and Clinical Nurse Mangers.

A commitment to continuous professional development and education ensures that the Nursing Department remains current and quality driven in its delivery. Opportunities are provided to staff to contribute to the development of the Hospital’s nursing practices and to further their own personal development plans.

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