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Nursing Department

The Nursing Department comprises 7 wards with a total capacity of 110 beds which is broken down as follows:

  • St Brendan’s Ward : A 16 bed General Medical/ Surgical Ward
  • Children’s Ward : A 17 bed General Medical / Surgical Paediatric Unit
  • St Patrick’s Ward : A 20 bed Orthopaedic/ Surgical/ Medical War
  • St Teresa Ward : A 18 bed General Medical/ Surgical Ward
  • St Bridget’s Ward : A 21 bed Care of the Elderly/ Medical/ Surgical Ward
  • Intensive Care Unit: comprises of 5 beds
  • Day Ward: comprises of 13 beds

The Nurse Practice Development Unit
The Nurse Practice Development Unit directs and supports the research and development of nursing practice within the Hospital. This Unit enables staff to examine and evaluate research on nursing practices and to develop, adapt and implement policies, procedures and best practices relevant to their nursing specialties. The Bon Secours Hospital is developed as a site for Student Nurse Training in association with the Institute of Technology, Tralee. Being a designated centre of nurse training and development ensures the Hospital remains at the forefront of best practice and serves to stimulate continuous improvement and development of nursing services and practices throughout the Hospital.

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