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Health Screening

Advances in modern medicine now mean that many devastating illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes are now largely preventable.  The Health Screening Department at the Bon Secours Hospital is a dedicated unit that offers a complete programme designed to assist with identifying, reducing and removing health risks.   A sense of wellness is our aim.   We guarantee an increased health awareness by the end of your visit.

What does it involve?
  1. A pre-arranged approx 3 hour visit to the hospital.
  2. Complete and comprehensive medical history and physical examination by a medical doctor. This includes a total skin evaluation.

Full range of preventative screening blood tests to include:

  1. Cholesterol
  2. Liver
  3. Kidney
  4. Diabetes
  5. Gout
  6. Anaemia
  7. Haemachromatosis
  8. Prostate cancer (Men)
  9. Calcium disorders
  10. Rubella (German Measles), assessment for women
  11. Thyroid 

Fill and Submit the   Health Screening Referral Form

*For further information please download PDF.

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