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The Bon Secours Physiotherapy Clinic strives to provide clinical excellence to all our patients. Following a thorough assessment of your condition, an explanation of your problem and treatment options will be discussed with you. In addition to treating your symptoms, we also focus on resolving the cause and contributing factors. This will enable you to resume your work , sport or recreation stronger and more capable than ever.

Our team of 17 Chartered Physiotherapists are highly specialised and experienced in their respective area. Each Chartered Physiotherapist attends weekly education sessions and recognised external physiotherapy courses to stay at the top of their profession. The Bon Secours Physiotherapy Clinic offers a wide variety of physiotherapy services in the following areas


Our musculoskeletal physiotherapists are hands on using the most
up to date treatment techniques. We place a strong emphasis on
rehab through exercise and pilates to reduce your risk of re-injury

• Sports injuries

• Orthopaedic rehabilitation following surgery

• Acupuncture & Dry Needling

• Back & neck pain

• Pilates - Individual sessions and classes

• Orthotics prescription for adults/children

• Occupational health & manual handling advice

Exercise  Prescription

Exercise is a central part to the prevention, care & mangement of many chronic condictions.  Supervised exercise programmes are available in the following areas:

• Fibromyalgia / Arthritis - this programme consists of 11 sessions
including a pre & post assessment, 4 exercise sessions, 4
hydrotherapy sessions & a 6 month follow up*

• Pre diabetes / Type 2 Diabetes – this programme consists of 11
sessions including a pre & post assessment, 8 exercises sessions
& a 6 month follow up*

Pulmonary rehab- this programme is suitable for many
respiratory conditions such as COPD, asthma and for
those suffering from shortness of breath related to general
deconditioning. It consists of 15 sessions including a pre and
post assessment, 12 exercise sessions, 6 education sessions & a
6 month follow up *
Individual exercise sessions can also be arranged if the class times
are not suitable.


Our Neurological Physiotherapists are Bobath trained and have
experience in treating many neurological conditions. Our primary aim
is to help regain your mobility and independence.

• Rehabilitation for a wide range of neurology conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis & parkinson’s disease

• Mobility & balance difficulties

• Exercise prescription and education classes for falls

• Facial palsy

• Vestibular rehabilitation


Respiratory physiotherapy for a wide range of respiratory diseases such as COPD, bronchiectasis &   asthma


Pulmonary rehabilitation: supervised exercise classes & education *(GP or Consultant referral needed)

Women’s Health

Women’s health issues can occur due to a number of different
reasons. Our women’s health physiotherapists play a key role in the
treatment of incontinence and pelvic dysfunction.

• Antenatal & postnatal musculoskeletal problems

• Antenatal & post natal incontinence

• Pelvic girdle pain

• Urinary incontinence

• Overactive bladder

• Pelvic organ prolapse

• Anorectal incontinence

• Pelvic pain/perineal pain syndromes

Men's Health

Men’s health issues can appear at any age. Our men’s health
physiotherapists provides treatment for incontinence, pain relief and
pelvic floor rehab.

• Urinary incontinence - including post prostatectomy/post TURP*

• Overactive bladder*

• Anorectal incontinence*

• Pelvic pain/perineal pain syndromes*

Please note that GP/Consultant Referral needed.

Cardiac Rehab

• Cardiac rehabilitation: supervised exercise classes & education *(Consultant Cardiologist referral needed)


• Phototherapy – PUVA/UVB for psoriasis and other skin conditions *(Consultant Dermatologist referral needed).

The Bon Secours Physiotherapy Clinic is committed to high quality patient care. We have large modern physiotherapy
facilities and liase closely with consultants and GP’s to meet individual patient needs. Our programmes aim to restore and increase your level of health and fitness. We strive to enhance your safe return to work, sport and recreation.
We sell a wide variety of aids and appliances that are competitively priced, such as raised toilet seats, zimmer frames, crutches, shoulder pulleys, hand putty and lumbar supports.

All our Physiotherapists are Chartered indicating that they are members of the ISCP, Ireland’s regulatory body for physiotherapy. When you choose a Chartered Physiotherapist you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are being treated by a physiotherapist who has a university degree qualification and is committed to the highest standards of ethical and clinical excellence.

Making an appointment

For appointments or further information please call our receptionist @ 021 4801630

No Referral needed for Consultation with a Chartered Physiotherapist (*except for specialist 

 services noted earlier)

Early morning & evening appointments available

We endeavour to offer an appointment within 48 hours


Initial assessment (3/4 hour)                             €50

Follow up treatment (1/2 hour)                          €40

Initial incontinence assessment (1 hour)           €65

Pulmonary Rehab                                            €450

(15 sessions & 6 educations classes)

Fibrmyalgia/Arthritis Exercise class                  €450

(11 sessions including 4 hydrotherapy)

Pre diabetes/Type 2 diabetes exercise class    €350

(11 sessions)

Please contact the Physiotherapy department for charges regarding specialist services.

Our Physiotherapy department is recognised by all the major health insurance companies. Check your policy for its terms and conditions for reimbursement of physiotherapy charges. Outstanding costs can be included in your Med 1 tax form.

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