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There are 6 Inpatient Wards in Bon Secours Hospital, Dublin.

  • Sacred Heart
  • St Laurence's
  • St Patrick's
  • St Joseph's
  • St Brigid's
  • St Mary's

In addition, we have a High Dependency Unit, Isolation Suite, Day Ward, an Oncology Day Unit (St Veronica's) and an Interventional Cardiology Suite.

There are four Operating Theatres, two Minor Procedures Rooms and Endoscopy Unit.

Clinical Nurse Specialties

The following Clinical Nurse Specialties are employed:-

  • Diabetes (see our PDFs above for further relevant information)
  • Infection Control
  • Oncology
  • Occupational Health (see our PDF above for further relevant information)
  • Uro Dynamics (see our PDF above for further relevant information)

An information sheet for those who will be attending our Day Ward is attached. This will hopefully assist you with your stay and clarify some or all of your questions beforehand. You can be assured that Bon Secours endeavours to provide the highest levels of patient care in all its service areas.

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