In This Section:

Radiology Department at Bon Secours Galway

Services Available.

• Routine Radiology

• CT

• Fluoroscopy including: 

  •         Barium Meal 
  •         Barium Enema
  •         Hysterosalpingogram
  •         Gastric Band Adjustments.
  •         Micturating Cystograms.

• Mammography

• Osteoporosis Screening – Densitometry

• Ultrasound

  •         Transrectal Ultrasound (TRUS) - Prostate Biopsy


Accepted from GP's and Consultants with accompanying request*
*Symptomatic referrals for Mammography – Consultant Specialist only

 Same day for routine radiology
 3-5 days for Densitometry
 0-5 days for CT
 3-5 days for Ultrasound

All requests for mammogram will be dated, signed and contain clinical
information, including the category of referral.
Urgent & Early Referrals – Same day if possible.
Routine Referrals – 1 - 3 days.

 Same day reporting by Consultant Radiologists on general films, Barium studies, IVP and Ultrasounds, Mammography twice weekly.

Urgent Requests

Our staff in Radiology understand that patients have unexpected needs and may require urgent attention. During normal working hours, urgent requests will be accommodated in our department. GP's who require a faxed report should include their fax number on the request form/letter. Outpatient radiology is not covered by insurance companies and patients will incur the cost of the x-ray, payable at time of testing.

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