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The physiotherapy department is staffed by a team of experienced physiotherapists who will complete a detailed assessment prior to commencing treatment. All exercises and treatments are tailored to the individual needs of the patient.



- Treatment/Rehabilitation for acute and chronic injuries

- Sports injuries

- Back rehabilitation including core stability exercise programme

- Musculoskeletal problems

- Rheumatological conditions, treatment and advice for R.A. and O.A. sufferers

- Post-orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation

- Respiratory conditions

- Women’s health issues - treatment of incontinence using electrical stimulation and pelvic floor rehabilitation

- Hand Therapy – assessment and treatment of hand injuries and conditions, thermoplastic and neoprene splinting

- Neurological conditions e.g. Parkinson's, M.S.


Treatment programme could include some of the following:

- Exercise programmes

- Manual techniques

- Electrotherapy i.e. Interferential treatment, Ultrasound, Muscle stimulation, TENS

- Paraffin wax baths

- Application of heat/ice

- Traction

- Taping



Accepted from Physiotherapists, GP's and consultants with accompanying letter.

Self-referrals are accepted for most conditions. Patients following Road Traffic Accident or work related accidents must have an accompanying GP/Consultant letter.


Appointment Within 3-5 days

Urgent appointments are given priority and will be seen within

24 hours where possible

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