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The Sisters of Bon Secours

Our Mission
Our mission is to reveal God’s healing love to all we meet.
We do that by trying to alleviate human suffering while acknowledging its redemptive value. We respect the wholeness of each individual, especially the more needy, seeing Christ in those we serve, and seek to demonstrate His compassion through the warmth and hospitality, simplicity and courage we try to bring to our work.

Bon Secours sisters see ‘healing’ as a way of helping individuals become ‘whole’ physically, spiritually, psychologically, socially, materially and intellectually.

And, just as Josephine Potel and her young friends responded to the needs of a chaotic, post-Revolutionary Paris, we constantly look for new ways to serve the changing needs of the poor and suffering in the twenty-first century.

Our Vision
We are women of prayer, hope and commitment to the poor and the suffering. We serve with enthusiasm and passion. Every aspect of our work is characterized by a desire to heal, to liberate and to be compassionate. By our solidarity with the poor and the needy, we demonstrate our understanding of our God. Bon Secours sisters live the Gospel, sometimes in places and among people bereft of belief and of hope.

Our Spirituality
We seek, in our life and work, to bear witness to the compassion of Christ: bringing love, justice and peace, hope and joy to everyone we meet.

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