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Frequently asked questions

Who can become a Sister of Bon Secours?
You may think, “I’m not good enough or holy enough.” Relax! Many feel that way when first thinking about religious life. God calls all kinds of people. Characteristics that fit a person considering religious life are:

Love of God and others
Interest and ability in being of service within the Catholic Church…

  • Desire for prayer and sharing faith
  • Concern for people who are poor, suffering, vulnerable, or dying
  • Generosity of heart and wholesome attitude
  • Openness to the Spirit and willingness to grow
  • Ability to relate well with others
  • Catholic women generally between ages 18 – 40 and free of marriage bonds
  • Good physical and emotional health

What is a vocation?
We all have a vocation in life whether it is to marry, stay single, become a vowed religious or priest. And, each are called, very personally. We are also called to holiness and to be of service to others. Our first vocation is to be our truest selves and to be happy. As we grow in faith, we come to understand our call in life, usually by God nudging us. My vocation in life may be different from my friend’s.

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