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What are the signs of a vocation?

Check how many of the following statements match how you feel ...

  • I’d like to give more and be more.
  • I have this feeling of being called to do something more than just the routine.
  • I see serving other people as life-giving.
  • I’d like to have a relationship with God that’s sustaining and reinvigorating.
  • I like to share – and would like to share my faith in practical ways.
  • I’m restless with my present lifestyle.
  • I need more meaning in my life.

If you checked two or more, then you may have a vocation to religious life. But it’s not an immediate or simple decision. It takes time and reflection to find out what’s right for you and what God is calling you to do. Here are some of the steps you might find helpful:

  • Explore all your options and get information about a variety of possibilities.
  • Find a good mentor, guide or spiritual director.
  • Talk with a Sister of Bon Secours about what it’s like to live as a vowed woman religious.
  • Pray. Alone and with others. Find time for silence. Allow your mind and heart to be touched by the word of God. Pay attention to your feelings.
  • Develop the art of listening, of being quiet.
  • If the Sisters of Bon Secours can help you in this discernment process, please contact us.
  • And if you get a sense of peace, excitement and joy when you think about religious life, then you may have found your answer…
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